Set Goals and Achieve Them

Set Goals and Achieve Them

The idea of having a bucket list is interesting. It is a list of things you want to achieve or experience before you kick the bucket. Have you experienced or reached the items on your bucket list as a senior? Do you even have a bucket list? Most of the time, the items on this list are just wishes we don’t actively pursue.

However, if there are still unchecked items on your bucket list, it is time to buckle down and actively seek them by setting goals and aggressively chasing after them.

Here’s how to set goals and how to achieve them.

How to Set Goals

Goal-setting is a skill we don’t inherently know; we must learn how to do it. There are many ways to set goals, and we can’t discuss all of them. However, we can discuss the many principles they share.

Step 1: Think of What You Want to Achieve

The first step to setting a goal is, of course, knowing what you want to achieve. The problem is, sometimes, we don’t know what we want. In addition, seniors who have already lived decades might find it hard to choose what they truly want to achieve or experience when they think that time’s running out for them.

When setting a goal, it is critical to decide what your desired outcome will be. Once you have settled on a result, it becomes easier for you to set specific and measurable goals that will lead up to achieving your desired outcome.

For your goal-setting process to be successful, you must identify what motivates and drives you toward achieving the desired outcome. If certain things motivate or drive you more than others, then it should be reflected in the goals that you set out for yourself. In other words, you have to know your priorities.

Step 2: Use the SMART Mnemonics

The SMART goal-setting technique aims to make goals more achievable by breaking them down into specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound.

To set a SMART goal, you need to answer these five questions: The SMART goal-setting technique is a proven and effective way to set goals. It helps you to be more successful by identifying the most critical goals and focusing on achieving them.


Specific: Define the particular goal you want to achieve. Setting specific goals is the most important thing you can do to succeed. Each goal should be clear, so you can know which steps to take to achieve what you want.

Specific goals are more likely to be achieved than vague ones. People who set specific goals are more likely to take action and have a better chance of reaching their goals. Vague goals are too broad and don’t provide enough direction for the person trying to get them.


Measurable: Determine how you will measure your success. Goals should be measurable because it gives us a way to measure how we’ve come to achieve success. It also helps us to set and reach our goals.

The second step in setting goals is ensuring they are measurable. It means we can tell whether or not we have reached the goal. Once we have made sure that the goal is measurable, we need to decide how much time it will take to reach the goal and what steps are required.


Actionable: Make a plan of action that will help you reach the goal. If you want to be successful, goals need to be achievable. For them to be viable, they need to be actionable. If a plan is not actionable, it won’t be possible to measure whether or not it is reachable.

A goal is only actionable if divided into smaller, more manageable tasks. For example, if your goal is “I want to lose weight,” start in small steps until you reach your goal. An excellent example of an actionable plan would be “I want to lose 10 pounds in the next month.” The other parts of the SMART goal-setting method work together to make goals easier to set and achieve. A specific and measurable goal is also actionable.


Realistic: Consider what resources are needed to achieve your goal and adjust accordingly. One of your resources is time. Another is energy.

In general, seniors may think they don’t have a lot of time or energy. In some cases, that assumption may be valid. You have to set a realistic goal based on reality and consider your resources.


Time-bound: Set a deadline for when to achieve your goal. When we set goals, we must be specific about the time frame we want to accomplish them. If a plan is not time-bound, it may never get completed. People who have achieved their goals have a deadline for when they want to reach them. Without that deadline, the dream may never happen.

Step 3: Track Your Progress

It is essential to know how you are progressing toward achieving your goals. It will help you to make adjustments and take corrective action if necessary.

There are several ways in which you can track your progress. One way is to use a “goal journal,” which entails writing down the steps you have taken toward achieving your goal and checking them off once completed. Another method is to create a spreadsheet or table with columns for time, tasks, and completion status. Finally, you can set up a reminder system on your phone or computer that alerts you every day at the same time about what is needed and how close it is to being completed.

Tracking your progress is a way to keep yourself motivated.

Infinite Love Homecare Helps You Achieve Your Goals

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