At Infinite Love Home Care in Orange County, we provide compassionate elderly care services with your loved one’s safety, health, and comfort in mind.

As our loved ones age, life for them becomes increasingly difficult. The daily activities we take for granted become almost insurmountable for those with limited mobility and function.

Our services give your senior loved one dignity and added independence while assisting with daily living and providing the very best home health care.

Types of Elderly Care Available

Depending on your loved one’s unique needs, we offer a wide variety of home health services for senior patients who are intent on getting the care they need in an intimately familiar environment. Whether your loved one has physical, mental, emotional development disabilities, our elderly care specialists will make them feel at home while providing the quality care you want.

Grooming & Hygiene Assistance

Our elderly home health experts can help your loved one learn essential grooming and hygiene skills, contributing to improved appearance and surging self-esteem. We also focus on how to bathe without injury, such as preventing falls in the shower or bathtub.

Restroom & Incontinence Care

Seniors can face many issues when going to the restroom, but our elderly care professionals can help. Due to the sensitive nature of this job, our home care specialists go out of their way to help your loved one maintain dignity while providing the most compassionate care.

Nutrition & Menu Help

Gain insight into healthier eating and how to buy and prepare better meals. Our elderly care experts can also teach caregivers how to shop at the store and prepare meals for easier meal preparation and more nutritious eating.

Mobility Assistance

Our elderly health care professionals can help your loved one attain greater mobility without risk of injury. Our home health care staff can also assess your loved one’s home environment to assess risks and make safety recommendations.

Transportation Assistance

We can help with getting to and from appointments and the grocery store. We can even facilitate the picking up of medication prescriptions.

Joyful Companionship

For elderly patients who crave a listening ear or supportive shoulder to lean on, our elderly care specialists can be that individual for trusting and compassionate elderly care.

Laundry & Light Housekeeping

Keeping a clean house is good for the spirit. Picking things up off the floor also prevents falls. Our elderly care team will take care of the lights and darks, as well as the dusting to keep the patient’s home tidy and safe for the long-term.


Does your elderly loved one need a ride to and from the doctor? Do you need someone to pick up your loved one’s prescriptions? Our elderly home care experts look forward to transporting your senior loved one anywhere he or she needs to go.

Medication Reminders

Many elderly patients take multiple prescriptions at varying times. Even those patients without dementia can have trouble keeping up with those confusing schedules. Our elderly home health care team can make sure your loved one keeps up with all necessary medicine schedules to keep the prescriptions working as they should.

Schedule a Free Evaluation 

To determine if elderly home care by our Infinite Love Home Care team is right for your loved one, we encourage you to schedule a free evaluation. Call now throughout Orange County for compassionate senior care with a loving touch.